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We help and innovate for the people who build and maintain our world.

Our vision is composed of three parts: - Our purpose (why we exist - see above) - Our core values (how we show up every day) - Our mission (what we do) 

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Our Core Values

We innovate by combining vision with feedback We face challenges with optimism We persist and follow through We listen, we care, we serve We do the right thing We work as a team We are resourceful We think long term

Our Mission  

Create the world's best field management software in the construction and field service industry with a focus on simple solutions and strong partnerships.

Core Values Deep Dive

When you work with CrewTracks, whether you're an employee or one of our partner companies, this is what you will experience.

We innovate by combining vision with feedback  

We work hard to keep things simple for the client office staff and even simpler for the field crews We move and iterate quickly and balance that with releasing a quality product We balance continual improvement of our features with creating new ones We experiment and try new things without fear of failure We have courage in challenging the status quo

We face challenges with optimism  

We confront the brutal truth of difficult situations, yet at the same time, never give up hope We aren’t afraid of taking on challenging problems We kick the inner cynic to the curb We take the time to enjoy and celebrate victories

We persist and follow through  

We do what we say we’ll do We have a culture of performance and accountability We “close the loop,” providing closure to clients and assuring completion of tasks We are empowered employees and we take initiative to solve problems

We listen, we care, we serve  

Every client has a point of contact they know by name We practice open, honest communication We are kind and respectful We are cheerful and service oriented, causing clients to say things like, “Wow! I’ve never been treated so well.” Our senior employees take time to teach, train, and help junior employees and take them under their wing

We do the right thing  

We believe in integrity and trust We are honest with ourselves and others We own our mistakes and strive to fix them and learn from them We have an overall expectation of quality We believe people matter

We work as a team  

We speak and act with humility We place the right people, at the right time, in the right roles for each stage of the company Ideas win on their merit rather than because of who said them We have a culture of teaching and learning We foster friendships and positive relationships in the workplace

We are resourceful  

We find ways to do more with less We are thrifty but spend money where it counts We use our time wisely

We think long term

We focus on clients that are a good fit We win sales through competence, persistence, & building long-term relationships rather than pressuring for a quick sale We sacrifice in the short-term where necessary for the long-term good of the company We believe in compensating our employees generously in the long-term We believe in financial sustainability 

CrewTracks Logo